William J. Winkler, Sr.

Candidate for State Senate

20th Senatorial District






·        Support a moratorium on building in eastern Sussex until all roads, street lighting, sidewalks and bike lanes are in place for “existing residents”.  No more sewers or water to new developments until existing structures are supplied.


·        Initiate a plan of retreat for coastal homes and boardwalks due to sea level rise and subsidence predictions of two to three feet in the next 50 years(EPA and inter-governmental panel on climate change).  Delaware only had a six inch sea level rise in the past 50 years.  One foot of sea level rise takes approximately 1500 feet of coastline. Beach Replenishment is necessary as a temporary measure until the ocean becomes uncontrollable.


·        Present legislation to ban all concentrated pesticides and herbicides from private use in the State of Delaware, except to certified licensed companies and farmers.  Concentrated  chemicals are too dangerous to be in the hands of unqualified citizens.  Only diluted chemical sprays in liquid or aerosol form would be allowed for public use.


·        Present legislation that will remove the requirement of parents signing a liability waiver when their children receive vaccination shots.  If vaccines are approved by the FDA, then they should be deemed safe.  Pharmaceutical companies and/or physicians would be required to inform parents of possible reactions.  The FDA vaccination hotline(800-835-4709) has the number and type of reactions available by batch.  Notification to the parent of the number and type of reactions to a specific batch would also be required. Only one vaccination would be allowed at any one time.  This way, if a reaction occurs, it would be easier to assess, than if the child had been administered more than one vaccine. Pharmaceutical companies would be liable for reactions such as: autism, severe chronic illness and death.


·        Present legislation to mandate all businesses and residents to recycle cardboard, paper, aluminum, tin, newspapers, glass, batteries and plastic grocery bags.


·        Present legislation to relocate part of the inland bay’s clam population to feeder streams and canals.  My experiment which started in May of 2001, has shown a marked improvement in water quality at Station IR32 canal off White’s Creek.


·        Present legislation so the citizens through referendum can decide issues on allowing new development and infrastructure upgrades, rather than the current Sussex County Council approval method.


·        Install a warning signal on the Indian River Inlet bridge, that will stop traffic if the bridge span breaks.  I will use my discretionary funds to pay for this to prevent the possibility of even one life being lost which happens almost every time a bridge collapses.  This is a simple, inexpensive remedy for any bridge especially with the threat of terrorism.