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Why WinkFiles?


     With all the environmental groups doing their own thing, each has so much to handle.   It seems futile to alert these groups about environmental issues since it becomes overwhelming for any environmental group to try to handle everything. That’s where you come in. If you have an environmental complaint, don’t expect me to handle it for you. That is your job. I will help and direct you in the right direction until you get satisfaction on your complaint.   The governmental process is confusing, but if you know how it works, you can use it to your advantage. You can make a difference if you believe that what you are doing is worth changing to make our environment better for future generations.


     So, then one calls the newspapers and expects that they will print your environmental concern. Sometimes they do, most of the time, they don’t.   It becomes very frustrating and it makes one feel that, “ well, if they don’t care, why should I?”.  So off into oblivion goes a “concerned citizen”.  That is exactly what “they” want you to do, is to disappear.


    I have learned that our system is set up to protect the economy and NOT the people unless there is a massive outbreak of a deadly disease – then you will see the CDC, Public Health Dept, EPA and FEMA go into action.  You, the average citizen, are dispensable as is the soldier on the front line.  In any battle, there will be casualties.  In our daily lives in the United States there are casualties: people contracting cancer from polluted drinking water and air, cases of E. coli and Vibrio cholera in our foods, neurotoxins breathed in from Red Tides and from eating contaminated clams and oysters, babies dying of Sudden Infant Syndrome(SID) from too much Nitrates in their drinking water and the list goes on.  


     So, as you have probably heard, “ you can’t fight and win against City Hall”.  You are not going to change the system. But, WE can learn to protect ourselves since WE are on the front line and do not have “privileged information”, as do our fellow citizens in higher government positions.  It is understandable, in any country, why would the government want to tell you “everything”?  They can’t and shouldn’t. will post information that is scientifically proven, at least to the point where the results are, “most probable”. There is a saying that “Science is exact”, well I disagree.  Science changes through every generation. Nothing is exact. The information provided to you on this site should be used at your most intelligent discretion.  I will post information that I believe people should be aware of and in some cases I will post what precautions you can take to protect yourself or refer you to a site to educate yourself. 


     My educational background:  B.A. Biology  University of Hawaii   1970

                                    Graduate study:  Phytoplankton Ecology

                                                               Zooplankton Ecology

                                                               Zoology of Higher Invertebrates

                                                               Deep Sea Biology

                                                               Biological Oceanography

                                                               Marine Biology University of Hawaii 1971-73



    Work ethics:  Vice-President of Island Air  Honolulu Int’l Airport  1972-73

                            Western Airlines 1976-1980  Honolulu and Miami Int’l Airports

                           Commissioner, Hillsboro Inlet 1991-93 Broward County, Florida

                           Marketing Rep. American Coastal Engineering, W.Palm Beach, Fl.

                           Retail store owner 1993 to present Ocean View , Delaware


     Integrity:  Impeccable, except for a couple of speeding tickets.


     Have I been wrong about things that I was sure about?  You bet I have, especially Y2K!


     Overall, I hope I can be informative, and with the WinkFiles Participating Investigative Feature, I hope you can be helpful in correcting the environmental and health wrongs that have been perpetrated upon the American people.





                                                                William J. Winkler