PRESS RELEASE                                                                September 4, 2002

For Immediate Release.


Contact: Bill Winkler, 302-537-5334, Contact Bill Winkler

Green Party of Delaware

Nominates Candidate for Sussex County

20th Senatorial District, State Senate seat.


William J. (Bill) Winkler, Sr., a nine year resident and business owner in eastern Sussex County, Delaware, has filed for candidacy in the 20th Senatorial District seat, as a member of the Green Party of Delaware.


Winkler is owner of the TreasureQuest Shoppe in Ocean View, founder of the Delaware Marine

Archaeological Society, and a graduate of the University of Hawaii with a B.A. in Biology and two years of 

graduate study in a non-degree program in biological oceanography.


Winkler has been self-employed in retail and real estate maintenance for more than 20 years, while 

volunteering efforts toward a cleaner, safer environment for both of those decades.

In 1972/73, Winkler served as vice-president of Island Air in Honolulu before transferring to Miami with 

Western Airlines, later working for the Arvida Corporation in Boca Raton, Florida. He was also appointed

commissioner at the Hillsboro Inlet by Broward County, Florida (one of five commissioners responsible

for the sand by-pass operation).


 Winkler's interests in environmental protection led him to become a marketing representative for the submerged 

barrier reef company American Coastal Engineering of Palm Beach, in the early 1990's, which brought him

 to Delaware in 1993.


Winkler is well known throughout lower Delaware for his environmental and public health concerns.


Winkler reported illegal dredging in 1994, live artillery on Bethany Beach in 1998, a toxic Red Tide in the  ocean in August 2000, documented hundreds of microscopic slides on video tape in 2001 while 

volunteering as an Inland Bays plankton researcher and water tester, and discovered a previously unknown

plankton species. Dr. James Powlik, author of the best seller "Sea Change", wrote a non-fiction novel titled

 "Deadly Tide" about Winkler's quest to prove the existence of the Red Tide "against all odds".


 Issues most important to Winkler are those that affect public health and safety such as: Smart Growth in

 maintaining the environment while maintaining economic growth.


Winkler says, "Our quality of life in lower Delaware has digressed exponentially with development that

has grown beyond existing infrastructure . He contends that sewage treatment efforts that were supposed to

help clean up the inland bays have gone primarily to new developments, while failing septic systems

continue to pollute the bay with nutrients and potentially debilitating diseases.

Winkler says that according to EPA investigator Jeff Lapp, five or six developments in eastern Sussex

County have filled wetlands illegally. Mr. Lapp said one developer filled 25 acres illegally.


 "Very little has been done by the EPA to enforce the mitigation which requires 'double' the creation of

   wetlands is completed by the developers," says Winkler.

 "Roads built to State specifications with sidewalks, street lighting and bike paths wide enough to be used

   safely, sewer and water are more important to existing residents than a new development," Winkler



Winkler is not asking for donations for his campaign. Instead, he asks those who believe he will protect the Constitution of the United States and of Delaware and will work diligently until the area's quality of life

improves, to talk to their friends and neighbors and show them this press release. For an email copy that

can be forwarded to friends, neighbors and family in the 20th Senatorial District, request a copy from

Bill Winkler



Issues Presented by William Winkler for State Senate of Delaware